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Publishing Peace and Salvation from Jerusalem, Isaiah 2:2-3, Isaiah 52:7-10 Incorporate with Progressive Vision International, Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations, All Nations Convocation Jerusalem

Thank you for your timely response. My wife and I originally found the book "The Watchman" in a charity second-hand shop. Upon reading it, the effect it had upon our faith walk was so great that we lent it to whoever wanted to read it. 

Andrew & Rita Excel, Australia 

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Progressive Vision Publishing

Our vision and mandate are to publish and proclaim peace and salvation in and from Jerusalem (Isa. 52:7). The vision is to publish the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem, Isaiah 2:3. Numerous books are being written about Jerusalem, Israel, and the Jewish and Arab people, but very few are being written from Jerusalem.

Progressive Vision Publishing endeavors to publish God’s worldview and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem, Israel, and the Arab Middle East. So believers in the nations can see events from God’s perspective. The books, DVDs, calendars, and other materials are being published in the trenches from a reality on the frontlines of the battle for Jerusalem and all nations. 

Our vision is to see the Word of the Lord go forth from Jerusalem and prosper in all nations. By having our own publishing company, we can produce quality books and other materials for all nations.

We encourage you to help those in your nation to know and see events more clearly from God’s perspective, to be able to discern the times in which we live and to understand the role of Jerusalem/Israel and the Church worldwide in these prophetic last days.